Why choose a family-run kitchen retailer?

The kitchen market is saturated with small, big, family-run and online kitchen companies, so why should you choose us?

Why choose an independent kitchen retailer?

The kitchen market is heavily populated with big, small, high-store and independent kitchen companies, which can be slightly overwhelming when you’re choosing a new kitchen.

Getting the right kitchen isn’t a decision that comes lightly, and you want to make sure you have picked the right kitchen company in the Midlands to help you along the way and supply the best materials.

Why should you opt for an independent or family-run kitchen supplier as opposed to a chain?

Bespoke service

If you want to feel valued and receive a bespoke service, it can be best to go with an independent kitchen retailer. Work with them to tailor your kitchen to suit you and your lifestyle, rather than choosing one that is more ‘off-the-shelf’

Sometimes there are elements of a kitchen that you might not take a liking to or perhaps wouldn’t suit your needs, so you can communicate your ideas to a designer to create a truly bespoke kitchen. On the other hand, you may have few to no ideas about the kitchen layout, storage ideas and technological features that you would like, so a professional can present you with some clever ideas and inspiration.

Our team of kitchen designers at Aristocraft can work with you on a one-to-one basis and create a kitchen with your favourite features, finishes and character. You can feel listened to and build a relationship, whereas with larger chained kitchen companies you may feel like more of a transaction.

Project involvement

There are many aspects to consider when getting a new kitchen and it can be challenging to enlist help from the right people in the right trades. With a family-owned or independent kitchen retailer, they can help you through the entire process or point you in the right direction.

Our kitchen suppliers at Aristocraft don’t just provide you with the kitchens but can additionally handle the designing and installation of your new kitchen too. You will receive as much or as little support as you like with our team always on hand to answer any questions or give any advice. As mentioned previously, this can make it feel more personalised and form a relationship where you can feel confident in your choice of kitchen suppliers.

Local reputation

In local areas, you will often hear about the reputation and know about a business before you invest in their products or services. This can be great with the kitchen industry as you hear from other customers about their experience and gain a small insight into what to expect. Aristocraft has successfully served clients across the Midlands for decades and is proud of the great reputation it has gained, take a look at our previous client’s kitchen transformations and their thoughts.

Work with a kitchen retailer that you know will deliver exceptional results at every level and it can also be beneficial to choose a local company with kitchen showrooms near you. Visiting a showroom can give you inspiration and the opportunity to speak to an expert face-to-face.

Your Budget

Have more flexibility and choice on costs of your new kitchen with a family-run kitchen company in the Midlands. You decide your budget and work with us to determine what you like and what you can get within your price range. You can tell us your planned budget and we will work with this to provide you with the best kitchen that you will love. With bigger chained companies, their prices are often set in stone, and you can be paying for something that isn’t customisable or as perfect as you would like. We understand a budget and our team of kitchen suppliers and designers have a true passion for giving clients their dream kitchen.

Aristocraft kitchens

Work with our kitchen company in the West Midlands and you won’t be disappointed with the service and results that you will receive. We have a team of professional kitchen designers, fitters and suppliers that can see your project through from start to finish. If you are considering getting a new kitchen, speak to our team or visit one of our kitchen showrooms in the Midlands.

If you are considering a modern kitchen, bedroom or home office, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our interior specialists, kitchen fitters and bedroom specialists.