Transform your bedroom design with fitted wardrobes

Explore the advantages of fitted wardrobes and why they might be the right choice for your home.

When it comes to bedroom design, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether or not to add fitted wardrobes into the space. While some people prefer to have standalone wardrobes, there are many benefits to opting for fitted wardrobes instead.

In this article, our bedroom designers will explore the advantages of fitted wardrobes and why they might be the right choice for your home.

Benefits of fitted wardrobes

Maximising space

One of the biggest benefits of fitted wardrobes is that they’re designed to maximise space and seamlessly fit into your modern bedroom designs. Since they’re custom-built to fit your bedroom, they can be designed to fit perfectly into any awkward spaces or alcoves, making the most of every inch of available space.

At Aristocraft, you can have a wardrobe that’s tailored to your specific needs and the dimensions of your room, rather than having to compromise with a standalone wardrobe that may not fit as well and look clunky in your space of comfort.

Aesthetically pleasing

Another advantage of fitted bedroom furniture is that it can be designed to perfectly complement the style of your bedroom. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional style, your fitted wardrobe can be tailored to your tastes.

At Aristocraft, our fitted bedroom suppliers can showcase the wide array of products available and you can choose from a range of finishes, including wood, glass, and mirrored doors, to create a wardrobe that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Increased property value

Adding fitted wardrobes to your bedroom can also increase the value of your property as it has a natural focal point that impresses visitors. Potential buyers will appreciate the extra storage space and the custom design of the wardrobe, which can make your property more appealing and potentially increase its value. It’s a smart investment that can pay off in the long run.

Modern bedroom designs often include fitted wardrobes as they can create a statement feature that combines style and comfort. Upgrading your home can be a wise investment that can truly boost the value of the place if the transformations are completed to an excellent standard.

Custom wardrobe lighting

Custom lighting is a popular option for fitted wardrobes as it can add both functionality and style to the design. You can choose from a range of lighting options, including LED strips, overhead lights, and even motion-activated lighting, this takes your bedroom design to the next level with stunning aesthetics. Additionally, custom lighting can create a dramatic effect, highlighting specific areas of your wardrobe and adding an extra layer of ambience to your bedroom.

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