Top Trends In Contemporary Kitchen Design

The kitchen has become the most multi-functional room of any house – doubling up as extensions to open plan living rooms, makeshift classrooms, playrooms and home offices as well as maintaining their traditional role as the heart of the home. Our latest article looks at the Top Trends in contemporary kitchen design to inspire your dream kitchen.

As we spend more time at home than ever before, kitchens have never had to work harder.

The kitchen has become the most multi-functional room of any house – doubling up as extensions to open plan living rooms, makeshift classrooms, playrooms and home offices as well as maintaining their traditional role as the heart of the home.

As kitchens continue to evolve, more and more people are looking to fully utilise their space in terms of functionality and practicality – while taking into consideration the myriad design ideas that can transform their look and feel.

The phrases ‘contemporary kitchens’ and ‘modern kitchens’ are ones that are bandied around regularly as customers look to renovate their kitchens.

But if you thought that modern and contemporary were one in the same – then think again.

Modern kitchen design refers to a specific period of time – usually from the 1920s to 1950s, which we may actually think of as ‘retro’ these days.

Contemporary, on the other hand, refers to the design trends happening now – constantly changing styles that can’t be pinned down to one era as modern design can.

Modern design is one that embraced clean, unfussy lines and an extensive use of natural materials, as well as an emphasis on large windows and patio doors to create a natural flow from indoors to outdoors.

Modern kitchens often feature bare floors and white walls to best showcase the craftsmanship of the rest of the furnishings – though bold graphics and striking wallpaper do have their place.

Frameless cabinet doors and plain countertop edges all go towards creating the ‘modern’ kitchen – sleek, streamlined spaces with simple designs, shiny spaces and lack of clutter – a look which remains popular today.

By its very nature, contemporary design is changing all of the time. Its influences are eclectic, being drawn from other periods – including elements of modern design.

While current contemporary kitchen design is very much about clean lines, the stark look that characterises modern design has been replaced with an emphasis on comfort – including soft rugs, throws, cushions and accessories – highlighting the ever-expanding role the kitchen plays in daily life.

Contemporary kitchens have more of a focus on the ornate and an expression of individual style.

Investing in any element of your kitchen can be invaluable, both for day-to-day living and investment for future resale.

There’s no shortage of kitchen inspiration to create a show-stopping contemporary kitchen. Here are some of the top trends for 2021:

·        Smart storage:

At a time when we are trying to declutter our lives for overall wellbeing, clever kitchen storage is key – especially in a room where so many ‘things’ are kept, from spices, to ingredients, utensils and cooking equipment.

It may be time to rethink those little nooks and niches for space-saving solutions, while discovering the untapped resource of counters, cabinets, drawers and islands to best utilise space.

Well-placed, concealed storage can be the saviour for the aesthetic of any kitchen.

·        Go bold with colour

It may feel like we’ve been staring at the same four walls for the past year – so it’s no wonder colourful kitchens are a top trend as customers try to inject some energy into their homes in 2021.

Reds, greens and blues are leading the pack in contemporary kitchen designs as people leave white walls behind to experiment more with bold colour palettes.

·        Two-toned kitchens

The trend for combining two colours through kitchen cabinets is one that is soaring in popularity. Contrasting deep, dark units with brighter shades can add depth and character to your kitchen and add an interesting twist to the space.

The trend extends beyond paint colour on walls. From the cabinets themselves to contrasting worktops, this design trend can transform a space – and allow you to explore different design elements.

·        Living room furnishings

With the rising popularity of open-plan living – and with the kitchen promoted to the most multi-functional room of many homes – it’s no surprise more and more people are seeking to inject a slice of living room comfort into their kitchens.

Creating a comfortable, well-presented space has never been more important, which is why luscious rugs, throws and cushions are now such a common addition to contemporary kitchens.

·        Statement floors

Unlike the stark flooring choice of modern kitchen designs, statement floors have become a popular feature for contemporary designs.

The trick is to let the floor do all the talking while keeping everything else relatively minimal. Contrasting blocks of plain flooring with bold decorative flooring – whether it be mosaic tiles, unusual shapes, geometric patterns or bold coloured tiles – can be a clever way of zoning off areas of your kitchen, such as the cooking area or island.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, you could also enhance your statement kitchen floor by choosing a tile that can be used on both walls and floors.

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