Things to know about shaker kitchens

Discover some key things to know about shaker style kitchen designs.

In this article, we will introduce you to shaker style kitchen designs and the key things you should know about them. Looking for a new bedroom too? You can also take a look at fitted shaker bedroom ranges.

What is a shaker style kitchen?

When you are searching for kitchen design ideas and see the word shaker, it is referring to a style of kitchen cabinets and doors that is minimal and simplistic but looks incredible. Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets feature a square framed design on a flat centre panel, often with minimal detailing as the uncluttered and sleek look speaks for itself.

This kitchen design emphasises clean lines with distinctive panelling so that it can fit perfectly in all homes, from modern to traditional and country.

What is good about a shaker kitchen?


Shaker style designs are incredibly versatile, meaning that they can look good in different settings and finishes such as wood-grain, matt and gloss. Choose whether you would like to keep it bright and fresh looking with white finishes or whether you would like to go for a bespoke kitchen design with bold colours of your choice. This characteristic allows flexibility in your kitchen and the shaker style doors can work well with other features you are interested in having.

The simplified aesthetic of the shaker units allows you to explore your options for worktops. You may choose to opt for something that stands out and contrasts the colour and finish of your shaker doors, or you may want to go with a high-gloss worktop to maintain that brightened look and feel.

Are shaker kitchen designs expensive?

Shaker style kitchen designs can often be cheaper than other kitchen ranges, meaning it can be a cost-effective kitchen project that still produces exceptional results. However, with these cabinets comes the need for quality craftsmanship and talent to create shaker kitchen doors that are made to measure and level.

There are different types of shaker style doors and some require a more meticulous approach with high joinery skills, this can sometimes up the cost of the work but it is dependent on what you are looking for. Our UK kitchen suppliers can work with you to measure, create and fit your new kitchen.

Shaker cabinets and units

Shaker style kitchens don’t just look good, you can work with our UK kitchen designers to optimise the design for storage capabilities too. Shaker kitchens can offer deep drawers, modernised cupboard storage and pantry units, all providing brilliant storage in an aesthetically pleasing way. Work with our designers to understand the amount of storage you are looking for and how it can suit modern-day demands. Whether you would like a built-in pantry with large shelves, a cupboard with a fitted wine rack or a pull-out shelving system, we can explore your options.

Kitchen designers in West Midlands

If you are looking for a shaker style kitchen company, please get in touch with our kitchen suppliers in the West Midlands and we would love to help. Talk through your ideas and options with our award-winning kitchen designers and you can leave the fitting to our professionals too, so we truly help your project from start to finish.