Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Is Your Kitchen Ready?

Whether you are hosting or attending a celebration next week, are you and your kitchen prepared for it?

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations just around the corner, our team of kitchen suppliers suggest some useful tips to get your kitchen party prepped and ready for your garden party, house gathering or street party.

Spring Clean

Whether you are welcoming guests into your beautiful abode or preparing things for outside celebrations, a spring clean can be a crucial part of your preparation. Clean your appliances, wash the windows and wipe down all surfaces, these are just a few jobs that can make your kitchen look better and avoid any unnecessary added stress as the party approaches.

If you start your kitchen spring clean now, you have plenty of time to get it all done, rather than cramming it all in alongside your other party and hosting responsibilities! A clean space encourages a clear mind and can eliminate the pressure of how your home looks to your royal entourage on the day, if you have prepared in advance.

Clear your kitchen worktops to show off every aspect of your kitchen design and create an open and envious aesthetic. We all want to impress our guests and an untidy workspace won’t achieve this, so clear any clutter and showcase your stunning kitchen ranges.

Food preparation

You may have the role of supplying some food for the Jubilee party and your kitchen needs to be able to handle the requirements of this. It’s no secret in the cookbook that baking and preparation can take up a fair bit of space depending on the quantities you need, meaning that a clear kitchen worktop can make this a whole lot easier.

Clean out your fridge to remove any unwanted or out of date items, this can ensure there is plenty of room for all your nibbles and refreshments, keeping it all fresh for your guests and fit for a king or queen!

If you have a smaller kitchen, there are still many effective ways that you can create perfect space, discover how to make your smaller kitchen appear bigger.

Create a checklist

There are so many parts to planning a party that sometimes things can be missed or overlooked, therefore, it can be extremely useful to work from a checklist. Set out everything that you need to do and what you will need to get, this can help save a lot of time and money too!

Set out all the food, drinks, utensils, decorations and anything else that you would like for your Queen’s Platinum Jubilee kitchen party.

Party Decorations

Now it’s time to truly make your home British and decorate it with various flags and memorabilia, marking your support for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Decorations can significantly bring the party to life and create a welcoming appearance in your kitchen and home.

Aristocraft Kitchen suppliers

If you feel that your kitchen isn’t up to it this year and wouldn’t be a great social hub for family and friends, but you would like to change this, our kitchen suppliers in the Midlands can help. Let our kitchen designers help you to create a space that is guaranteed to impress your guests and be the perfect spot for some food and drinks.

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can transform your fitted kitchen, or download our kitchen brochure to gain some inspiration.