Modern kitchen design ideas this summer

Discover how to upgrade your kitchen and get it summer-ready!

We are all loving the warm weather and it’s the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen to be the ideal spot for the season. Our kitchen suppliers have given you some modern kitchen ideas that will be ideal for cooking, socialising and anything else this summer!‍

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Kitchen islands

Not only are kitchen islands extremely modern and stylish but they are also multi-purpose for different uses. Whether you use them for preparing food for your summer BBQ or garden party, or as a social spot when you invite over friends and family, a modern kitchen island can be the perfect addition to your home.

Give yourself plenty of counter space with a kitchen island and keep the mood warm to match the weather. Without a doubt, adding this statement feature to your kitchen will leave your guests envious and instantaneously contemporise your kitchen.

Kitchen storage

You want to keep your kitchen worktops clear of clutter and leave the space open for a sleek and clean aesthetic, but to achieve this you must have sufficient storage in place. If you are looking for modern kitchen designs, you can now cleverly give everything a home in your kitchen without the need to involve clunky storage. From layered kitchen cupboards to impressive wine racks and cellars, you name it and our contemporary kitchen design ideas will be able to make it happen.


Let the natural light illuminate your kitchen by implementing as many windows as possible into your designs. This will allow the sunbeams to add a warm ambience to your kitchen and highlight the beautiful aspects of the room. Make the most of the lighter evenings and be able to use your updated kitchen with family and friends over for something to eat or drink.

Upgrade your technology

Fancy a refreshing smoothie or another summer beverage? Make them in the comfort of your own home with industry-leading technology. As mentioned previously, if you have guests over, you can now offer them these delicious refreshments to enjoy in the sun, something we all crave on a hot day!

Our fitted kitchens

If you would like to discover how you can upgrade your home to suit the summer months and become more modernised, speak to our team of kitchen designers who can help to create a plan. Whether you want a completely new modern kitchen design or you are looking to upgrade your current layout, we can work with you to do exactly that.

We currently have a huge summer kitchen sale running, meaning that you can get your dream kitchen at the best prices! Browse our ranges or download a kitchen brochure to pick out what modern kitchens suit you and learn what doesn’t quite fit your taste.

We don’t just supply you with the kitchens, we can handle the kitchen installation too, therefore, we can complete your project right from start to the finished product.