Making your home more energy-efficient

Explore how you can make your home more energy-efficient.

With living costs on the rise, it has left many of us looking for ways to become more efficient and reduce spending in certain areas. There are various measures that can be taken to help decrease your energy usage and our fitted bedroom and kitchen suppliers have set out some top tips.

Turn off appliances

As simple as it may sound, and we know that you will hear it a lot, turning off your appliances when they are not in use can save masses of energy. Lights, ovens and any other technological features can be turned off and contribute to an energy-efficient home.

Insulated walls and flooring

Add another layer to the walls and floors of your home to assist with keeping the heat in. When creating a new kitchen or bedroom, you can speak to our kitchen suppliers and choose the best flooring options for your desired reasons. The designers can talk through the benefits of each flooring and tiling materials that work within your preferences.

Use the right-sized appliances

Donโ€™t unnecessarily use appliances that are too big, this can waste energy as you are running something that you donโ€™t need. It can be cheaper to run smaller appliances, therefore, by having things such as the right sized fridge freezer, you are not unnecessarily powering bigger appliances.

If you are looking for kitchen designs, our kitchen designers can find appliances that will suit your needs and lifestyle, not leaving you short or paying for something that you donโ€™t use.

Donโ€™t overuse dishwashers

The dishwasher can be tempting to just turn on when you fancy it, however, you should limit this and try to only turn it on when itโ€™s full. By doing this, you can significantly save on energy and take a step towards your home becoming more energy efficient. Speak to our team of UK kitchen designers to discover what devices are the best to help your kitchen become more efficient.

Switch to energy-saving lights

Lights are all over our homes and it can be good to consider changing these to more energy-efficient lightbulbs such as LED. Implement LED lightbulbs throughout your bedroom and kitchen designs to ensure your rooms are well-lit by energy-efficient alternatives.

Fitted kitchens

There are many ways to make your fitted kitchen more energetically friendly, with modern-day technology and clever design, you can create the perfect kitchen space. Are you considering a new kitchen or wanting to spruce up your current one? Speak with our team of kitchen designers and we can talk through your options, combining style with practicality to suit your taste.

Now youโ€™ve got a beautifully designed kitchen, our professional fitted kitchen suppliers can provide the quality products and install everything for you too.

Fitted bedrooms

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and at Aristocraft, we can leave you with beautifully fitted bedroom furniture, stylish lighting and much more. Upgrade to bespoke bedroom designs that you will love and can help to make your home more efficient.

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