Kitchen design ideas that are child-friendly and modern

The kitchen can often be the heart of your home and is a space where your entire family gather to cook and enjoy each other’s company. However, the logistics and concept of your kitchen can significantly impact the feel of the room and change the dynamic of your fitted kitchen.

well-designed fitted kitchen can create a space of enjoyment and togetherness, whereas on the other hand, a poorly designed or fitted kitchen can result in chaos and abandonment of using this space for family time. Don’t waste the opportunity of making your fitted kitchens the perfect spot for some family entertainment and bonding with your children.

Opting for the approach of clever kitchen design ideas can help to make it this ideal addition to your home, that can include your children in the activities too. Make special bonds like no other and memories as a family that your children will cherish, all within your fitted kitchen.

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How can I make my kitchen child-friendly?

Child-proof kitchen worktops

Inevitably children can be slightly on the rougher side when they are in the kitchen and have a habit of scratching or banging kitchen worktops. Therefore, you should feature durable worktops in your kitchen designs and bear in mind that you want them to withstand a few bashes and spillages from your children (or yourself!).

Child-friendly kitchen cupboards

You could consider having soft close hinges on your kitchen cupboards and doors to avoid any injuries to your children or damage to the kitchen units. Prevent any hard slams on your children’s little fingers and tears in the kitchen with some simple changes like this to your kitchen design, the soft close will stop any hard and quick closes on the unit drawers.

Clean kitchen areas

With children often sticking hands in their mouths and touching everything around them, it is important to keep a clean and sanitised fitted kitchen. When thinking of your initial modern kitchen design ideas, it can be a wise choice to opt for easy-to-clean and wipeable kitchen worktops and surfaces.

Child-friendly kitchen furniture

Our fitted kitchens can be modified to include child-friendly kitchen furniture that can still effortlessly fit into the aesthetic of your kitchen. As mentioned previously, children can unintentionally be a tad rough in the kitchen and so your kitchen furniture should be durable and of a high quality.

No sharp edges on your fitted kitchen furniture to reduce the chance of injury and enable your children to be able to use the kitchen freely with no limitations on where they can go. From cooking dinner together to baking some cakes for dessert, feel confident in knowing that your child is able to use the worktops without risk of falling into sharp surfaces.

Sufficient space

Open plan kitchen designs can be a winner amongst families as they provide a great amount of space and prevent feelings of chaos. When there are several people in the kitchen, it can become a stressful experience when you feel claustrophobic with a lack of room.

Modern kitchen design ideas can incorporate the idea of having a good amount of countertop space and floor space so that your entire family can come and make use of the place. Encourage your children to take up baking on a Sunday, eat together as a family and many other opportunities are opened up with a good amount of space.

Our kitchen designers will work with you to understand exactly what it is that you want from a kitchen and make it family-friendly with enough space to not feel as though you are in each other’s way.

Kitchen islands

Implementing an island into your kitchen design ideas can be the perfect addition for your children. Whether they want to sit around and enjoy a snack or watch you make a delicious concoction for the oven, a kitchen island can work tremendously. This can be a social hub for your family and encourage everyone to gather around the kitchen island, without bodies being crammed into one area.

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Our kitchen designs

At Aristocraft, we have a team of professional kitchen designers that will blow you away with their ability to turn your ideas into a reality. Just tell us what you need from your kitchen and we can adapt our kitchen ranges to be fit for your purpose and suitable for your children to be welcomed in the room.

Create beautiful memories in your new fitted kitchen with the help of our kitchen designers and fitters. If you would like more information, please get in touch and we would love to help.