Inspiration from kitchen suppliers in West Midlands

Home improvements can be an overwhelming process but here is how you can gain some inspiration.

Gathering inspiration when completing any home improvement project can be a godsend and spark ideas that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

One way to get the ideas flowing is to research the likely kitchen trends for 2022 and see if anything takes your fancy. From stylish cupboards to innovative storage units, you can add your own flair to create a bespoke kitchen design.

Statement kitchen features

A trend that our kitchen designers confidently predict to continue this year, is the addition of kitchen islands or a stand-out element in the room. Kitchen islands can simply provide a spacious and classy look to your home, whilst being a useful addition when accommodating guests.

Good lighting

It is important to install good lighting for your kitchen, enabling you to showcase your new and improved kitchen. Food and preparation areas should be well-lit for ease and efficiency, making mealtimes a lot quicker. You can truly transform a dark and dingy kitchen with the help of bright lighting. At Aristocraft, our kitchen suppliers in the West Midlands will carefully plan and design your kitchen to be bright and welcoming to suit all your daily needs.


Create your kitchen to radiate the character you want it to achieve. Whether that be with a traditional style or something more modern, the designs and style will contribute to the character of the room. Browse through our kitchen ranges and shortlist the ones that grab your attention, from this you can pick out certain elements that you like and spark inspiration for creating the perfect character of your fitted kitchen in the West Midlands.

Make a list

As silly as it may sound, pencilling down your desired colours, materials and features can be a brilliant starting point. There are various types of kitchen worktop materials, cupboard styles such as in-frame doors, and colours to choose from. Whether it is natural wood or granite worktops, there is something to suit everyone and their preferences. At Aristocraft, our fitted kitchens are available in a palette of over 30 colours, speak to our kitchen specialists to match the right ones for you. A simple list can quickly show what you do and do not like, giving you a better general understanding of what you are looking for.

Book a free kitchen design consultation

This whole process can be overwhelming and it is completely natural to want an expert opinion before committing to anything. At Aristocraft, you can chat with our award-winning kitchen designer in the West Midlands to create your ideal kitchen. We can suggest and showcase the various kitchen ranges that we can supply and fit for you. Every kitchen needs its perfect components and accessories, from electronics to impressive storage facilities, and we can bring it all together.

Visit our kitchen showrooms

Visit our kitchen showrooms in Dudley, Solihull and other areas of the West Midlands to discover the ranges we have available. Aristocraft can see your right from the initial design through to the kitchen installation. Work with one company throughout your entire renovation journey and be well looked after by every member of our team. Our kitchen fitters in the West Midlands are highly-skilled and the quality of our products and workmanship will leave you impressed.

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