Genius fitted bedroom furniture for more space

Discover the clever ways to create space with a fitted bedroom by Aristocraft.

No matter what the size your bedroom is, you will likely want to create a space of comfort that is aesthetically pleasing and provides practicality too. You can expect exactly that when choosing an Aristocraft fitted bedroom for your home.

Whether you are looking for a classic or modern style bedroom, we have something to suit your preferences and taste.

Previously, you may have found it hard to make space in your bedroom or find ways to nicely keep everything out of the way. However, with our fitted bedroom furniture there are many clever ways that can keep your room looking stylish and maximise the space in there.

Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are the perfect way to maximise space in your bedroom as it provides an ideal amount of storage without the need for bulky furniture. Sleek and stylish wardrobes that fit seamlessly into the bedroom and don’t have the usual bulky aesthetic. Beautiful sliding doors or hinged doors, whatever your preferred style is, we can make it work for your home. Therefore, if you are looking to free up some space and avoid the big and bulky bedroom furniture, you should opt for our fitted wardrobes within your comfort zone.

Carefully designed and made to fit the exact measurements of your bedroom so it offers the most efficient way to store your clothes without free-standing furniture being in the way.

Fitted shelving units

Our fitted bedrooms are often home to bespoke shelving units that can be made to go around your bed or other areas of the room. Bespoke shelving means that you can use up the space on the walls or fill oddly shaped areas that your standard furniture doesn’t fit into.

This made-to-measure bedroom shelving is also an impressive addition to the room and can be made to look incredibly stylish and fulfil the need for storage. Similarly to the wardrobes, choosing floating and fitted shelving units can take away the requirement of needing bulky and unappealing units. If you are trying to free up as much space as possible in your bedroom, this is a very innovative way to do so. Who knew storage could look so great?!

Be careful to not overfill these shelves as you want the room to appear bright and open as opposed to compact and cluttered. If you choose a bedroom design that enables people to see what is on your shelving units, keep them free of any clutter and show off the beautiful furniture and features of the room. When attempting to open up a room and create an illusion of space, it can be beneficial to keep areas tidy and uncluttered in order to achieve this, so take a moment to think about what you will be presenting on your shelves.

Floor to ceiling storage

When you are trying to build on making more space in your room of comfort, reviewing the idea of floor to ceiling bedroom storage can be a step in the right direction. It is important to be using up all the space possible if you are really wanting to generate room in other areas, therefore, beautifully made storage that is fitted to suit the layout of your room can do exactly this.

Fitted bedroom furniture at Aristocraft

If you would like to give your bedroom a revamp, speak to our team of bedroom suppliers and get your bespoke fitted bedroom created. We pride ourselves on being able to listen to our client requirements and delivering exactly what you ask for. Let us make you our next happy customer and leave you with a fitted bedroom that you will love.