Decorating Tips From Our Bedroom Designers

Sometimes we forget the simple things that should be considered with a bedroom makeover.

Talking to our award-winning team ofย bedroom designers, we have extracted some useful tips for redecorating your sleeping chamber to best combine style and comfort.

Top tips for redecorating a bedroom

Style of your choice

Take some time to speak with our bedroom suppliers or conduct some online research to generate inspiration on the different fitted bedroom styles available to you. From contemporary to traditional designs, choose the one that will perfectly marry with the character of your home.

Choose your colours wisely

Your choice of coloured paints can make a significant difference to the aesthetic of a bedroom. When selecting a shade, our bedroom designers recommend discovering whether you prefer warmer or cooler tones and trying to envision how these will look on the walls of your bedroom. Pick up colour swatches to take home and hold against your 4 walls, from this you can shortlist your favourites. If you need ideas for smaller bedroom designs, we encourage you to consider brighter colours to open up the space nicely and avoid a claustrophobic or dingy atmosphere.โ€

Cut down your clutter

Whether youโ€™re sprucing up your bedroom or completely renovating the space, you donโ€™t want it to feel overfilled with furniture and other accessories, crowding the available space and potentially ruining the potential of your bedroom designs. Our professional bedroom designers insist on removing any unused furniture and maintaining a clear floor space to truly show off the aspects of your bedroom.โ€

Fitted bedroom furniture

Preserve the space in your bedroom and decide to go for fitted bedroom furniture, these features are cleverly designed to offer sufficient storage without taking up a huge amount of space. Whether you choose fitted wardrobes or over the bed built-in storage, our team of bedroom designers can talk through the options that are ideal for all sizes of bedrooms.

Aristocraft can supply made-to-measure bedrooms that will be tailored to fit the contours of your space and make use of every unique aspect of the room. This complete versatility means that you can opt for floor to ceiling bedroom storage or custom-built furniture.

Maximise the space in your bedroom and prevent any chance of it becoming too cluttered with bulky furniture. Ourย modern bedroom design ideasย will be able to complement the style of your home and offer flexibility to suit your storage needs.

The right bedroom lighting

It is important to install the right amount of lighting that suits the mood of your bedroom. Not only is lighting practical but it also contributes to the style and dรฉcor of a home. Bedside lamps are a nice touch that can create a lovely glow when you want to wind down with your main light off. Speak with our bedroom fitters to discover how lighting can change the look and feel of your bedroom, in addition to ensuring it is fit for purpose.

Speak to our bedroom fitters

At Aristocraft, we pride ourselves on the people that make up our team as we all hold a strong passion for interior design. Collaborating with our award-winning bedroom designers will transform your dream bedroom ideas into a reality, guaranteeing to impress you with its makeover. Get in touch with us to get the ball rolling or for an expert opinion when redecorating your home.