Best design ideas for smaller fitted bedrooms

Don’t disregard an opportunity to make your smaller bedroom an impressive space of comfort.

You may think that because your bedroom may be on the smaller side, it isn’t worth upgrading, but that’s not true at all. There are many clever fitted bedroom design ideas that can transform a cramped and dull room into an impressive retreat, our team of bedroom designers have set out some top things for you to consider.

Layout options

It is best to explore various layout options to ensure you are optimising the space of the room to make it appear bigger. You want to avoid the room appearing overcrowded and condensed, so it is important to think of ways that can open up the place. Consider moving the bed and getting rid of any bulky storage that overpowers the room and appears compact, this can help with the layout of your bedroom and give a much better aesthetic.


As mentioned before, you may want to remove any bulky storage such as large wardrobes or drawers, instead, you can opt for more modern and sleek storage options. Modern-day storage contributes massively to making your bedroom look stylish and admirable, from fitted bedroom furniture such as wardrobes to storage built around your bed, there is something for everyone to love. Storage doesn’t have to look unattractive and with contemporary bedroom designs and good planning, your fitted bedroom can look amazing and meet all the storage needs that you have.

It is also good to consider adding storage in the awkward corners or spots in your bedroom, as opposed to it just being wasted space. Implement floating shelves, built-in wardrobes and many other modern bedroom storage ideas that can work for your awkward areas.

Get bespoke fitted bedroom designs that work for the layout of your room, this allows areas of your comfort space to be left open.

Sliding wardrobes

Searching for practical and sleek looking wardrobes that don’t take up large parts of the room? Our sliding wardrobes could be an excellent addition to the room, bringing luxury and elegance to your bedroom whilst offering plenty of storage. Make a statement with your fitted bedrooms and add a touch of class and style. Take a look at our range of sliding bedroom wardrobes and speak to our team of bedroom suppliers if this is something you would like to explore further.

Colour choices

Colour can impact the appearance of your fitted bedroom and you will be surprised at how much lighter tones can brighten up a room. If you opt for a darker colour on all walls or bedroom furniture, it can minimise the look of open space and seem as if everything is significantly more enclosed and box-like. However, choosing a brighter colour scheme such as white can instantly light up your bedroom designs and naturally radiate a modern look and feel.

If you are deliberating on what colour your bedroom furniture should be, speak to our bedroom designers to talk through your options and what would be best for your home.

Feature walls

If you are wanting something bolder and an instant eye-catcher, feature walls can do exactly that. Whether you opt for a different wallpaper, coloured wall, or something else, your feature wall can be the main focus of the room and help to give an illusion of a bigger room.

Add some personalised features

You should factor in adding a personal touch to your fitted bedroom, making it feel more homely and welcoming. Putting up some picture frames, adding your favourite candles or anything else that reflects your personality and character can make your bedroom feel warmer and take away your perception of it being a smaller room.


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Fitted bedrooms at Aristocraft

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