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Tips for designing the perfect traditional kitchen

Sometimes, trying to picture what your perfect kitchen would look like can be overwhelming. If you are here, you are probably considering a traditional kitchen design with an unbeatable classic character. Our experienced team of award-winning kitchen designers, here, at Aristocraft Kitchens and Bedrooms, have a few tips to help you imagine the ideal traditional kitchen.

Kitchen Sink

A ceramic kitchen sink, thanks to its high durability and smooth finish, is a popular feature in a classic, traditional or country-style kitchen. With single, double and half-bowl sizes available, we are sure to find the ideal fit for your kitchen space.


A traditional style kitchen goes hand in hand with simplicity and practicality. This is why recessed lights paired with cabinet lighting are a classic combination. A small-sized chandelier over the dining table will bring a touch of splendour into your kitchen. For a more rustic look, you could consider installing lantern pendant lights over the countertop.

Kitchen cabinets

Natural materials and classic heritage details are at the heart of the traditional kitchen look. An authentic wood finish and a reliable framed design will give you the style effect you are after. It’s not just the looks that matter though. Using bespoke fitted solutions, we make sure that you have plenty of storage space with a practical design.


Light and warmth are key elements to bringing that clean, classic kitchen atmosphere to life. White, light oak and cream are the colours you’ll come across most often in a traditional kitchen design. With neutrals and creams as the base of your colour scheme, adding decoration and personal touches is easy. Lighter colours also enhance the natural light in the room, making your kitchen look brighter and more welcoming.


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